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Ace Hardware Outlet is selling JB Weld for $3.20.  JB Weld is to epoxy as duct tape is to, um, tape — just a wonderful product with multiple uses.  I’ve used it to build up broken castings and fasten parts.

JB Weld [Ace Hardware Outlet]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Dealmonger: JB Weld For $3.20

  1. JT Dicker says:

    Good ol’ JB Weld…
    I remember Wayne repairing a cracked radiator with JB Weld, it held up for two months before he could afford a new radiator. Genius stuff

  2. friotzgorbach says:

    i’ve repaired bearing races and seal faces on irreplaceable iron and brass castings that have chipped or cracked, then machined smooth with die grinder, dremel or just plain sandpaper and files, with jb weld, in addition to fastening just about anything metal. Also works great on wood, by the way

  3. Patti says:

    We’ve been using it for years. Gotta get some more, gee you’d think it’d last longer than 15 or 20 years. 🙂 11 yrs ago, I ruined the inside of a year old washer got the bright idea to put a plastic hair brush in and wash it. Needless to say it scarred the inside in several places. It wasn’t stainless steel. Repair man said the new tub was so much and ouch it was too much. He suggested using JB Weld on the places. It last 11 yrs without coming off and never ruined any clothes in all that time. We recently sold the set which was still running fine and got a stainless steel interior but I’ll never put anything but clothes in it.
    Anyway, I used to fix the kids ride on big wheels with it (I think) For me it seems to work on plastic very well. It’s good stuff!!

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