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Enco is selling a case of 24 Akro-Mils 4-1/8″x5-3/8″x3″ hanging bins for $17.95 — that’s 74.8 cents apiece!  Tough as nails and much better than cheaper imports, these bins’ll help you organize hardware on shelves or with one of Akro’s louvered panels.  It’s part #SJ505-1589, in case the link doesn’t work, and the offer’s good through February 27, 2009.

24 Akro-Mils Hanging Bins [Enco]
Street Pricing [Google]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Akro-Mils Stacking Bins $18

  1. Pepster says:

    Where on earth do I find the rails to hang these from? I have a box full of bins, and I can’t find the rails to put on my shop wall.

    anyone know a good site to order from?

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