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If I happen to run across Antiques Roadshow playing on PBS, I almost always see some kind of tool-related item being appraised in the show somewhere. This plane/ax combo owned by some lucky bastard in Tampa is a fine example of gear you just can’t have.

If you watch the video you can make out all the handwork and fine carving in the top and sides of the piece. It’s a work of art all by itself, but I’m more than a little curious to know what kinds of projects a plane like that builds.

The appraiser valued these at $3,000 to $4,000, but the owner said he’s not going to sell them. Of course it would benefit everyone else who wanted a crack at ’em if he just ran home and slammed ’em up on eBay — however we’re hoping that didn’t happen.

18th-Century Austrian Tools [Roadshow Archive]


5 Responses to Antiques Roadshow Can Make You Drool

  1. Leaf says:

    There is some guy in Europe who sells embossed goose wing axes on ebay all the time, I think they usually go for well under a couple hundred bucks

  2. paganwonder says:

    The value of a tool is not measured by its price.

  3. Leaf says:


    how does that line go over with the significant other?

  4. paganwonder says:

    Leaf- Not worth a d*** , thus I try it here!

  5. Michael W. says:

    A jointing plane that size would be used to plane large boards to their final shape/smoothness. Very beautiful piece.

    The axes look to be some sort of hewing axes, used to hew logs into beams, etc. Some timberframers still use similar axes today.

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