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It never ceases to amaze me how basic implements like a sharpened stone and bits of carefully formed sticks coupled with a little human brainwork can literally raise a mountain in the middle of the desert.  I’m reminded of this by a sweet article over at reshafim.org that talks about the composition and development of ancient Egyptian tools. These people did extraordinary things thousands of years ago with a few simple items — this idea flies completely in the face of those folks who can’t do anything without a shop full of the latest gear.

Just to be fair, the whole point of modern tools is that a few or one person can do the work of many, and faster. I bet if I had a workforce 10,000 strong I could whip up a few bookcases before lunch, but since I don’t I’ll just have to take my modern equipment and do it solo in a tenth the time it would’ve taken someone back then.

Composition and Development of Ancient Egyptian Tools [reshafim]


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