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We covered clips to help you hang crown molding already, but these crown molding hangers look like a better tool — they’re more substantial and adjustable.  The downside of these additional features:  You’ll pay $10 for just one hanger, and you’re probably going to need at least two of them.

The hanger is made from ABS.  The bracket is angled for handling crown molding with a spring angle of 45°, but you can also use it for moldings with 38° or 52° spring angles. You’ll need at least two hangers to support a 12′ piece of crown molding, and you may need more if the molding isn’t very stiff.

To use the hanger, hammer in a nail behind the crown molding where it won’t interfere or be seen afterward.  Hang the hanger from the nail and place the crown molding on the hanger bracket.  Adjust the bracket until the molding is in position and lock it by tightening the knob.  Once you’ve secured the molding, loosen the the knob, then lift and move the hanger to the right.  It’ll slide out from behind the molding so you can use it again.

Crown Molding Hanger [Lee Valley]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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9 Responses to A Better Crown Molding Hanger

  1. Alex says:

    Wouldn’t this leave a gap behind the piece of crown at the bottom where the hanger is if you were to nail in the crown while using the holder?

  2. I didn’t really do an in depth job describing how to use these.

    If you use these to support the molding you could nail in the end, remove the bracket closest to where you nailed, because the nails will now hold that side of the molding up. Then work you way down to the other end of the molding removing the support brackets as you come to them.

  3. paganwonder says:

    A couple of 6d nails on the spring line work well, are cheap and the small holes are covered by finish out. A little practice will show you where to place the nails when working alone.

  4. Jerry says:

    Looks like another “gimmick” to sucker some money out of the “would-be” home decorators.

  5. Shopmonger says:

    Jerry Says:

    January 16th, 2009 at 7:41 pm
    Looks like another “gimmick” to sucker some money out of the “would-be” home decorators.

    Now jerry, that is the attitude that curbs the modern day inventor……

    Gadget lover rejoice, it is what makes the world go around

  6. Timothy says:

    This looks like a great tool for hanging/installing crown molding. I wish I knew that a tool like this existed when I was hanging crown molding in my home, might of made the job go a little quicker.

  7. Hooked on DIY says:

    I’m not a tradesman, but I am an avid woodworking hobbyist. I had trimmed my entire house when we built it and IMHO did a great job. Recently we decided to do a mid-mortgage spruce up, paint, crown molding and furniture. I’m installing about 200lft of 5/8X4.25 MDF Ogee crown. My wife volunteered to act as my helper. After the first evening, I realized that this arrangement was going to be futile. I searched the internet and came across these hangers, and went right out to Lee Valley and bought 3. That evening, I told my wife that I had replaced her…and she was just as happy as I was. These work like a charm. Best $30 I’ve spent in a while.

  8. Allan Foxcroft says:

    These hangers work really well, I was hesitant at first but wow it made working alone a treat hanging crown

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