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I take it all back. Monster trucks, school buses, dump trucks:  racing these is nothing. It’s all nothing compared to the sport of kings, kings like the monster tanks. I think I actually shed a tear watching this video — ah, the sweet harmony of monster trucks and track drives.

It’s all there:  the carnage, the delight, and the all-out tank-tracked fun.  Oh yes, it will be mine. One day all shall flee before Abramszilla. Flee before me and fear.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Toolmonger programming.

Battle of the Monster Tanks [YouTube]


9 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Monster Tanks

  1. Coach James says:

    A+ Cool!!! I recognized several Stewart chassis in there.

  2. Lowside says:

    As awesome as this looks (which is very awesome indeed), for my money this looks even better: http://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/

    As if being able to drive an actual tank wasn’t enough, they actually have 40mm paintball cannons and engage in mock battles.

  3. Brent says:

    I don’t know why this website insists on reloading the entire page every few minutes, but it is annoying that it does it right in the middle of the video.

  4. Toolaremia says:

    AUTO RELOAD MUST DIE. Kills the video fun.

    Its pushing this blog closer and closer to the “too annoying to bother” line… >-(

  5. Jim K. says:

    I have never been so jealous of another driver in all of my life! The hell with the 9-5! I’m a Monster Tank Driver!!!

  6. PeterP says:

    What is this auto reload everyone complains about? Is it something that only happens in Internet Explorer?

    You might try Firefox:

    Or Google Chrome:

  7. Wayne D. says:

    I think the Army should start bringing A1-Abrams Main Battle Tank to monster truck rallies to compete against Bigfoot. That would probably boost recruiting.

  8. paganwonder says:

    I wonder if the wife would mind me trying this mod on her Explorer. Man this would ROCK during the next big snow storm!

  9. toolaremia says:

    PeterP, I only use Firefox.

    The auto reload is built into the page, set to go every 300 seconds. What browser you use doesn’t matter.

    But it doesn’t really matter because the Toolmonger folks don’t appear to be listening.

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