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Hobart is reskinning their OpticArmor auto-darkening hoods to appeal to the off-roading crowd. The new welding hood provides the same protection as the rest of the OpticArmor line but now sports some sweet new graphics as well.

Really we don’t see a problem with this. The new hoods aren’t more expensive than the others, and if someone wants sweet tire tracks and mud madness on their helmet while they’re welding the axle back in a Ford Bronco, why not?  At least you get to look cool after your rig fell apart — that’s half the fun anyway.

The polypropylene hoods feature a fixed #10 shade lens for arc welding and a fully adjustable ratchet headgear to allow for easy adjustment.

Street pricing starts at around $300.

Prowler Auto-Darkening Hood [Hobart]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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