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ToolDiscounter.com is selling these Lisle 22850 Hose Pinchers for $4.17.  With this set of two screw-actuated clamps you can pinch hoses so fluids or vacuum can’t pass/suck when you’re making repairs.

Lisle Hose Pinchers [ToolDiscounter.com]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


7 Responses to Dealmonger: Lisle Hose Pinchers $4

  1. Deelow says:

    If you’ve ever done a brake job where you had to replace the caliper’s then this tool is a must have. You can put it close the the brake line connection that bolts to the brake caliper which allows two things. 1.) It limits the loss of brake fluid, 2.) it stops a lot of air getting into the lines so you have little bleed time afterwords. In my opinion they are worth their weight in gold. (Just a reminder: remember to take them off the brake line before you start the bleeding process. Experience can be a real biatch sometimes. LOL)

  2. CLarkF says:

    These guys ARE worth their weight in gold. Brake jobs, cooling systems, you name it, these guys save the day. I have 4 of these Lisle ones in my box, and that probably wont be all.

    Definitely better then vise grips that can damage the inside of the hose…

  3. Tetsubo says:

    First thing I thought of when I saw the image was: Roosters!

  4. Chris says:

    Legitimate question: how can one of these possibly clamp a brake line? Seems to me like anything stiff enough to handle a couple thousand PSI in a brake system would either be too stiff to clamp in the first place or to brittle to clamp without breaking. (I don’t think these would have worked — at least not very well — on the brake lines on my old KZ400, for instance.) Coolant lines, sure, but brakes? Really?


  5. Deelow says:

    Well, Chris I don’t know much about a kz400 so I’ll elaborate on my previous post. This clam will work well on any rubber (similar material) type of line. i.e. some radiator oil/trans. cooling lines. return lines from resevoirs, vacuum lines. I wouldn’t recomend them on steel braided lines or copper – that would cause you to buy a new line. I was merely refering to the rubber lines that go to the front/rear calipers of most domestic/foreign cars and trucks.

  6. toolaremia says:

    I would be nervous using them on brake lines. They aren’t intended to be crushed, even the rubber ones. (Not an issue on my cars, they all have braided-steel lines now.)

    But I do have these and use them all the time on simple rubber fuel lines. Greatly simplifies changing filters and increases safety by keeping the amount of stray fuel down.

    Racing cars with ancient stock steel tanks tends to knock a lot of rust and crap loose, so we change filters every couple of races. They are mounted at the same level as the bottom of the tanks. Ugh. Only had to get a face full of gas once to go find a set of these clamps.

  7. h2ofreeze says:

    What size hose can these work on? Will they work on a 3/4″ water hose?

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