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Unless you buy a fancy miter gauge with detents, setting the miter angle to anything other than 45˚ and square can be tricky.  With the MiterSet you can quickly and accurately set angles from 5˚ to 50˚ in 5˚ increments.  If you use their special detent bar you can set any angle in that range to within 0.5˚, albeit with a little math.

The MiterSet looks to be a piece of laminated plywood with two arched hole patterns and a slot for a miter gauge.   Each hole is 5˚ apart and has the corresponding angle engraved next to it.  To use it you simply place a peg in one of the zero holes and the other peg in the hole marked with the desired angle.  You slide the miter gauge into the slot and when the fence touches both pins the miter gauge is set to that angle.

With their MiterSet for segments, instead of setting the angle you set the pin in the hole corresponding to the number of segments.  In other words, if you’re making a hexagonal frame, instead of calculating the correct angle to cut all the segments, you simply stick a pin in the hole marked 6.  The jig can be used for making frames with four to twenty sides.

Both the standard MiterSet and the MiterSet for segments come in two different versions:  one for tables with 3/4″ x 3/8″ slots, and another for ShopSmith Mark V’s or tables with 18.5mm x 8mm slots.

If you live in the USA, you can get any of the four MiterSet models for $30 plus $5 shipping.  If you live elsewhere you’ll have to contact them directly.

MiterSet [Corporate Site]

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3 Responses to The Fast Way To Set Your Miter Gauge

  1. Dick Pattee says:

    We are pleased to see that some of you are noticing MiterSet. We are a small “Mom and Pop” company and are beginning our third year of producing MiterSet miter gauge setting fixtures. We have found hundreds of new friends and satisfied customers, which is extremely important to us. Our advertising dollars are at a minimum, and we depend greatly on the “word of mouth” satisfaction of our customers.

    MiterSet was issued US patent number 7421798 in Sept of 2008, and we feel it is the most accurate device made for the purpose of adjusting simple miter gauges to exacting tolerances.

    We now have two basic models of MiterSet fixtures. The original one, now called MiterSet Standard, allows settings in .5 degree increments through most miter gauge travel. The newest, MiterSet for Segments, lets you set your miter gauge directly to the most popular angles for making segmented bowls and multi-sided picture frames. Four through 20 segment settings are instantly available by simply inserting two pins in the pre labeled holes of the fixture. We elected not to include 19 segments or sides, so we could keep all models the same outside dimension, keeping item price to a minimum. Our goal has been to make MiterSet affordable for all!

    All relative areas of the fixture are machined with a CNC milling machine in just one set-up. This means that all tolerances are a direct transfer of the CNC milling machines precision accuracy.

    We are a customer-oriented company and are available for customers questions or needs by telephone or e-mail. Customer satisfaction is our priority. For more information and a detailed tutorial go to MiterSet .

    Dick Pattee, Inventor of MiterSet

    • Andre Siqueira says:

      Congratulations for amazing idea and process of this tool Mite set.
      My name is Andre Siqueira,from Brazil.Unfortunately we haven[t condition to buy and get here in this country

      You are The Best Mr.Pattee,what a such smart mind.

      Regards and all the best.Take care with Covid

  2. Tony Urry says:

    I am a mechanical engineer from Berkeley. I have to say that this design is one of the most profoundly simple and straightforward ideas I have seen in some time. I would nominate this for any design award competition!

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