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The Gauge-It lets you easily and accurately measure blade height and angle on your table saw.  It compensates for blade teeth to give you accurate measurements, and the spring-loaded armature moves with your blade, indicating the exact angle.

When measuring blade angle, place the Gauge-It perpendicular to the blade with the armature resting on the body of the blade, not the teeth.  As you tilt the blade, a spring keeps the Gauge-It in contact with the blade, indicating its angle to within 0.5˚.

When measuring blade height you disengage the spring, align the Gauge-It parallel to the blade, and rest the curved lip on your saw blade — it rides the blade while you adjust it up or down and indicates the height to within 1/64″.

Also, with the scale on the base of the Gauge-It, you can measure the distance from the blade to the fence.  It’s marked from 0 to 6-1/2″ in increments of 1/32″.

The Gauge-It comes in both left- and right-tilt versions.  Either version costs about $30.

Gauge-It [E.F. Boerder Company]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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2 Responses to Set Table Saw Blade Height And Tilt With One Tool

  1. Shopmonger says:

    One more Devo Joke … the one for this year… gauge it …gauge it good…..

    Looks nice… but $30 is a bit much… i will make plywood gauges for each degree out of scrap…..

  2. The Saw Man says:

    very accurate i have one of these for table at home.

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