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Milwaukee put out one of the coolest tools we’ve seen in 2008, the M12 Hackzall — even in the list of our favorites, this is the spoiled youngest child of the bunch. Ever since the fateful day we had to cut apart my power steering pump with one, it has claimed a place of honor in the shop.

Built on Milwaukee’s M12 12V Li-Ion platform, the Hackzall sports a grip that reminds us of the sub-compact drill/driver in the same line, but with super attitude. Milwaukee pitches the business end of the mini-recip at an angle so it’ll stick in hard-to-reach places and keep you comfortable.  The saw also features a new 4″-blade system to keep the overall length low-profile. We’ve said all this before — the difference here is we now know for a fact that it works.

If you ever cut an object up or feel the need to destroy something, this’ll get it done. We’re not kidding. Jam it in somewhere and pull the trigger. It’s just that simple.

M12 Hackzall Reciprocating Saw [Milwaukee]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


5 Responses to TM’s 2008 Favorites: M12 Hackzall Recip Saw

  1. Scott says:

    I’m curious, why did you have to cut it apart??


  2. PutnamEco says:

    I have to ask, Couldn’t it have been done with a regular sawzall?

    If I’m working in my shop I would usually reach for something pneumatic, like a die grinder, or I might even resort to a cutting torch, for that kind of butchery.

  3. fred says:

    I purchased 2 of them last November, along with 2 of the new Milwaukee 2401-20 12 volt compact drivers. As part of a Milwaukee promotion – we then got 2 of their 2450-20 impact drivers (sans battery). My guys like them all. We have been using the Hackzall to cut fiberglass sheet (with Milwaukee’s 49-00-5400 blade – designed for the Hackzall).
    I don’t know if we’ve used them enough to tell anything about longevity or anything about how it works with its thin kerf blades versus regular recip blades. We bought some extra batteries (Home Depot had them for $39 each) and 1 of the 4 that we purchased failed to charge correctly. We naturally returned it for a swap. One peeve that I’ve heard is that the plastic case that came with the saw is way too big – and fairly useless for storing anything else. The 2 drivers we bought came with nylon cases that suit their compact size – and hold more to boot.

  4. Dr.No says:

    Scott & PutnamEco: i heard about this on one of their podcasts a while ago. The pulley was stuck on the engine of their truck and wouldnt budge so had to be cut off.

    A normal sawzal wouldn’t fit down into the guts of the engine bay where they were doing the cutting

  5. Erik says:

    It’s plenty powerful. Beats the crap out of a B&D full-size reciprocating saw that I’m embarrassed to own.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is that the vibration gets pretty hairy at top speed but considering the size to power ratio I can’t really hold that against it too much. Still, you’re going to want a second hand on it at full power for the most part.

    It’s delayed the purchase of the jigsaw I need but I had to get that impact driver rebate and it looked too cool. I’ll have to see how it does with the scroll woodcutting blades. I did a plunge cut through an inch of pine with mine without much trouble but I can see why they demoed on drywall. It took longer than I would expect given how quickly it makes normal cuts. I can’t wait to see what else Milwaukee adds to their M12 line. I’m very happy with the drill/driver too. Amazing torque on that thing for the size/voltage.

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