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Knee pads can be a pain in the butt to wear, but if the task at hand lets you remain relatively stationary you could try this knee cushion from Birkenstock instead.  Of course, when you hear Birkenstock, you may think shoes, but surprisingly they also make this cushion to save your weary knees.

They designed this 15″-long by 9″-wide by 2-3/4″-thick cushion to cradle the knees and distribute your body weight evenly.  Made in Germany, this dense foam polyurethane cushion is lightweight and sports a carrying handle.

Available in orange and apple colors, this pad seems a bit expensive at $36, but then again, so is knee surgery.

Birkenstock [Corporate Site]
Birkie Knee Cushion [Duluth Trading Company]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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8 Responses to Birkenstocks For Your Knees

  1. Chris Farley says:

    These are great for someone with bad knees. I use a different brand, but love it for tire changes, planting, floor assembly or anytime I’m kneeling – even rooting around under the shop table. Give them a try!

  2. Gary says:

    Definitely. 3 knee surgeries. I have a mat, but its thinner than that one. I was kneeling for awhile yesterday putting casters on my bandsaw. Dang, should have given up sports before I became a gimp.

  3. shoeguy says:

    a good place to Buy birkenstock footware is http://www.foxvalleybirkenstock.com
    Newalk Terra Licensed by Birkenstock – Distressed Canvas Upper, Rubberized sole, Cork/latex footbed for support

  4. Jim K. says:

    Working relatively stationary and on your knees. Seems like there’s got to be a joke in there somewhere. 🙂

  5. Elaine Johnstone says:

    I am inquiring about your birkenstock kneeling pad. Please let me know the price and shipping to canada also thanks

  6. Mary luvera says:

    Birkue knee cushion can u tell me where to purchase them

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