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Skil’s 4690 corded jigsaw has proven itself to be a workhorse.  Under our guidance in the Toolmonger shop it has cut curves in many projects both large and small and never let us down. There’s nothing remarkable about it, except that it takes on every project we give it without difficulty — there’s something to be said for that.

The biggest advantage:  Folks who haven’t picked up a saw in years can grab a hold of this one and make their projects happen without trouble. It’s very intuitive and so inexpensive you don’t feel bad tossing it around or in the back of a truck. The way we look at it, that’s what it’s built for anyway.

Six amps of power and the five-position switch that controls the orbital motion are really the meat of the saw. With these two features the 4690 manages to get through just about anything, even giant wooden dinosaur bones. It did such a good job day-in and day-out when we needed it, we got a spare for the shop — which is high praise indeed for ones as cheap as we are.

The $60 you spend to bring one of these into the shop will be paid back in full very shortly after its arrival, which is about the best compliment we can give any tool.

4690 Corded Jigsaw [Skil]
Street Pricing [Google]
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5 Responses to TM’s 2008 Favorites: Skil 4690 Corded Jigsaw

  1. Nick says:

    Are you guys crazy?! This has to be one of the WORST jigsaws I have ever used. I bought one when I left my bosch at home (2-3 hour drive away), and it was sloooow. I mean sure it will make all the cuts eventually, but trying cutting a 2×4 forget it. Sure it did OK with 1/2 ply, but it was slow and vibrated alot.

    When you are doing high end work, you want a saw that does a clean cut, as fast or as slow as you want, and dosent vibrate your hands all day.

    For this my bosch 1590 is perfect.

    And before you blame blades, both were using bosch blades.

    try the bosch and be amazed!

  2. Frank says:

    I was thinking the same thing. I just picked up a Bosch 1590 before Christmas, haven’t fully tested it yet but at first glance I can see why it is at the top of most jig saw ratings.

    Also the Skil seems to be priced around $80 and up not $60, the Bosch can be picked up right now for about $130 on amazon.

  3. fred says:

    Even though they have the same parent company – the Bosch is in a different league

  4. KevinB says:

    spend the extra 50 bucks and get the Swiss made Bosch 1590/91, the blade change on the skils are the first to go.

  5. berettaguy says:

    I also own the Skil, and I have found it to be a kick-ass tool. I used it to build an oversize chest of drawers over the summer, and it went through the main 2 x 6’s like they were butter. Mine came with a nice hard case and cost about $60 at Home Depot.

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