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When you buy Carter’s MAGFENCE, you can just use it:  there are no extra parts to buy, no assembly required — just stick the magnetic fence onto your steel or cast iron table without special mounting hardware.  What makes it really unique is you can also attach it to the side of the table for an instant aluminum extension.

Carter’s fence/table extension has multiple T-slots on the sides and top for attaching accessories.  Although Carter doesn’t sell any MAGFENCE accessories yet, they claim they have some in development.  In the meantime you can use most standard T-slot fixtures.

The 16″ MAGFENCE runs $80 while the 19-1/2″ MAGFENCE runs $90.

MAGFENCE [Carter Products]
MAGFENCE [Woodcraft]

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3 Responses to Is It A Fence Or A Table Extension?

  1. David says:

    This looks cool, but I suspect it would be a bear to align to the saw blade, and to retain alignment. Too bad the web site doesn’t have more details or a video of it in use.

  2. fred says:

    looks like an interesting concept in fences.

    I’m more interested in any experience anyone has with the Laguna Drift Master Fence

  3. Jim says:

    Great idea. Although, I just screw a tall auxillary fence to my stock fence. I have to shim it with playing cards to get it exactly square to the table (which is square to the blade). I am not sure how you would do this with the Carter fence.

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