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On the heels of Magswitch introducing the MagFence, Pinnacle — one of Woodcraft’s house brands — is now selling an aluminum version of the MagFence.  Pinnacle’s Mag-Jig bracket can be used singly or in pairs to create an easily removable fence for any tool with an iron table.

Made in the USA, Pinnacle’s 3″ x 3″ machined aluminum angle bracket accepts one 20mm or 30mm Magswitch Mag-Jig.  The 6″ long bracket features both slots for mounting a fence and plastic adjustment screws for squaring the fence’s vertical plane.

You’ll pay $33 for one bracket or $30 for two or more from Woodcraft.  Mag-Jigs are not included, of course.

Pinnacle Mag-Jig Bracket [Woodcraft]

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  1. fred says:

    These are made with Australian-made (MagSwitch) holding fixtures which are useful to make your own jigs or even to use alone to hold small steel parts. Some of the Pinnacle branded tools and fixtures at Woodcraft are similar to those offered by Woodpeckers:


    but others seem to be exclusive to Woodcraft.

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