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If you’re tired of filing by hand, you’re probably thinking, “There’s a power tool for just about every other hand tool — why not filing?”  Wahl makes what they claim is the world’s smallest power filer/sander.  This rechargeable tool uses reciprocating action to mimic how you’d use a file, and it reaches into tight spaces for easy precision finishing, deburring, and sanding of plastic, wood, metal, and most other materials.

Wahl makes this tool in the USA.  Attachments snap-fit over the tool head.  You can choose from an assortment of files like flat, round, triangle, and half round, or you can use the 5/8″ wide by 2-1/8″ long sander wand with sandpaper in grits of 100, 220, and 400.

For $75 you get the sander/filer, a charging stand, a sanding wand, and four needle files.

Filer Sander [Wahl]
Filer Sander [Micro-Mark]

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5 Responses to File Under Sander?

  1. stephen colbert says:

    Now I have something to use on my big toe’s nail!!

  2. Brau says:

    A pair of side cutters and one of these is all you need for a true man-icure.

  3. Shopmonger says:

    This looks great for small detail work….

  4. Kurt says:

    I do a lot of model making, and don’t really see the utility of this tool. If you use good quality sanding sticks, they remove material quickly and don’t load up very much – a swipe across the jeans while I am working keeps them clean. This kind of work on plastic requires a light touch.

    If you want to save even more, go down to your local plastic supplier, get some scrap 1/8″ plexiglass and glue various strips of sandpaper to both sides with contact cement. Does a great job and you can cit the plastic into triangles, strips or other shapes for the task at hand. I have even put handles on them and used tweezers to get them into small inside corners.


  5. ak says:

    This tool does not work on metal.

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