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Highland Woodworking is selling the Starrett 3/4″ x 6′ L-R Adhesive Rule for $8.  Add this ruler to any tool or setup surface — for instance, you could slap it on your chop saw.  We found a cheaper source, but it seemed dodgy, so we went with Highland on this one.

Starrett 3/4″ x 6′ L-R Adhesive Rule [Highland Woodworking]
Street Pricing [Google]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Starrett 3/4″ x 6′ L-R Adhesive Rule $8

  1. BC says:

    Handy in the right spot… This reminded me — I’ve been looking for a R-L reading adhesive rule that reads metric (opposite read direction from this ruler), and I haven’t been able to find one. Dual read SAE/metric is ok. Anyone have a suggestion for a source?

  2. Shopmonger says:

    Ok here is the cheap ass response……

    When you wife drags you to IKEA, grab a few extra of those free tape measures….. then use some 3m spray adhesive…..

    i have atleast 20 in my shop

  3. BC says:

    @Shopmonger: I’m willing to pay a bit extra to keep my wife out of IKEA!

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