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DeWalt’s TrackSaw system makes performing long straight cuts easier on-site, but their router adapter really caught our eye. Just mount your router and it slides right into the 59″ or 102″ tracks from the TrackSaw set — perfect for routing long channels for rails in built-in bookcases.

There’s just one downside:  While the adapter’ll set you back just $60, you’ll have to pony up a cool $500 for the least expensive TrackSaw kit (read: the saw with the 59″ track). So if you already have a TrackSaw rig, this would be a cheap way to add some additional (and handy) functionality. If you’re just utilizing your circ saw as a poor man’s table saw — because you’re a cheap-ass like us — you might want to look for a less expensive alternative.

TrackSaw Router Adapter [DeWalt]
Street Pricing [Google]


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  1. PutnamEco says:

    Both Festool and EZ Smart offer a router option. I’m fairly certain you could get yourself into the EZ Smart for less than $500. Especially if you already own a router.

  2. I’m not sold on the track saw idea — at least not for $500. Not that I don’t think it’s a good idea, I just think Dewalt and Festool are ripping us off. I can’t remember what issue (or even what magazine) but there were plans for making a sled for you circ saw that rode on a piece of angle aluminum attached to a piece of hardboard that would cost you $20 to make. I believe they also made a sled for a router, if not the concept was simple enough to figure it out.

  3. fred says:

    It seems that everybody seems to like Festool quality but not their price. Buying tools for a jobsite – where they sometimes evaporate (the quality of steel these days !!! Ha Ha) I’m very cognizant of the tradeoffs between price – quality – productivity and tool longevity. I have yet to buy a Kapex – sticking to Makitas until I can see a real justification.

    These plunging track-guided panel saws have been available in Europe for some time – with Festool seemingly first to hit our shores. I think that I heard that Makita has an offering in the works. They all purport to be less prone to kickback, safer in general because of their plunge feature.

    In the shop, we couldn’t do without our panel saw and sliding table saw – but neither one travel to a jobsite (we do set up a Unisaw on some sites) so I’m seriously considering trying one out for field use. I’d be interested to hear what people think of the Dewalt compared to the Festool.

  4. Matthew Gerber says:



    DEWALT 46″ Track for TrackSaw
    PART #: DWS5020 WEIGHT: 6.5 LBS
    CONDITION: NEW UPC: 885911115346


    DEWALT TrackSaw Router Adapter
    PART #: DWS5031 WEIGHT: 1.88 LBS
    CONDITION: NEW UPC: 885911085403



  5. donutboy says:

    I have seen both saws and must say that the Dewalt is well built. Not a chinese or mexico unit, but built in Germany I think. It had great movements(not clunky) and I thought it was well balanced. I say worth it.

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