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I’m not yet an expert on veneer, but I plan on becoming one. Good hardwood veneer can make even a cheap project look great — and provides access to woods I could never afford whole. (Lacewood desk, anyone?) But I’m a little scared of the old-school hammer/animal glue method. I’m thinking of going with more modern adhesives and something like this veneer smoothing blade from Rockler.

With a 9-inch hard-maple handle and a flexible plexi blade, it looks like just the thing to push down those difficult edges. But I’d love to hear from other Toolmongers with more experience. Is this $14 tool (and method) the way to go?

Veneer Smoothing Blade [Rockler]


4 Responses to Rockler’s Low-Buck Veneer Smoothing Blade

  1. Shopmonger says:

    These are nice but could be easily made form milk cartons and some scrap, or even some of those left over fake credit cards that are sent in the credit card offers

  2. Rusty says:

    Yeah I gotta say I can’t imagine buying this for more than $2. I’d go somewhere I could see one in person to figure out how flexible/stiff the plastic part needs to be and find something.

  3. David says:

    I am a long time woodworker. This is very nice, but I do the same thing with a $2 body filler scraper like the ones we used when I did body work for Amtrak. Get them from from the auto supply store. Works like a charm. Just make sure any plastic blade you use has well rounded corners so as not to puncture that expensive veneer with a sharp corner.

  4. fred says:

    In our wood / cabinet shop we do some wood veneering and a lot more laminating and have found that a vacuum system pays for itself in increased quality and higher productivity in no time. Ours (we have 2 systems) are the VacuPress brand which work using shop air – but don’t come at a price that would make home use very affordable. I think that we have about $3000 invested in ours.

    So I Googled around a bit and found this link:


    It purports to describe how to build an affordable home-use system.

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