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Deep in the throes of winter, this interesting little scraper caught our eye. Normally your windshield scraper only scrapes in one direction, but this orbital ice scraper from Carrand — think Mr. Clean — lets you maximize your efforts by scraping in any direction.  Any tool that gets you out of the cold faster and into your warming car is worth a look.

From what we can interpret from the sparse instructions, you grip the handle and move the scraper back and forth while lightly pressing down.  Here’s where we get a little confused:  Evidently the bottom of the scraper also has a prism tooth for “collapsing the ice” — whatever that means.  Probably there’s a row of teeth on the bottom just like there’s usually a row of teeth on the back of a regular scraper, and you press harder on the scraper to engage them, but that’s our interpretation.

Regularly $12, you can try this scraper for $7 shipped from Meritline with the coupon code A4011915.  The coupon code expires Jan 10th, 2009.

Orbital Ice Scraper [Carrand]
Orbital Ice Scraper [Meritline]

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10 Responses to Omnidirectional Snow Scraper

  1. Turbobrick says:

    I still find that the best tool for clearing ice is your basic 99c cheapie 4-sided flat plastic scraper. One side has the metal blade, one side has the ice buster, one side has a squeegie and the short side has the wiper blade cleaner.

  2. rjerryc says:

    I guess I have short arms because without some sort of handle I’d never reach very far across the windshield with this thing. Looks like a good concept though.

    • Mark Murray says:

      Those Who don’t like this are idiots that haven’t tried it. It’s the best -I got mine at Walmart for $1.49. I bought it on a whim.The price sticker still on it if anybody cares to see let me know I’ve been trying to find more of them I’ll buy a dozen of them and give them to friends beats traditional scraper hands-down.

  3. Bill says:

    I just scored three of these at the dollar store for stocking stuffers.
    A plastic flower pot, 4′-5″, works well too.

  4. fuzzmanmatt says:

    This is a pointless tool. We clearanced these out after half a season two years ago, and still had a few that we gave away as gifts this year. I agree on the cheap scraper! I have one extendable scraper with a brush on one side and a scraper with a removable squeegee on the other, and a small, cheap, hard plastic scraper that I use on harder ice build-up.

  5. Uthor says:

    Looks like it has no leverage nor reach. With my generic one-directional scraper on a stick, I can clear my entire car of ice in about 4 minutes, so I don’t see the point of getting one of these.

  6. Subvert says:

    Why is this tool here seriously? Aside from the horrible reach and non-leverage, I can just picture the cramps from gloved hands trying to use this thing (you’ll never use this thing without gloves unless you could have scraped it off with a credit card in the first place).

  7. Phil says:

    This thing is great. I have one that I got in a discount bin a couple of years ago…I would not do winter without it. It does not work great for snow, but for ice and frost, this thing can’t be beat.

    Uthor…it used to take me 4 minutes to scrape my windows…now it only takes 30 seconds. I’m done quick, out of the cold, and onto my heated seats. Awesome tool.

  8. Chris says:

    I’ve had one of these for a couple years and I love it. I can clear every window of my car in 1 minute flat. I just wish I could find somewhere to buy it.
    @Uthor : No, it doesn’t have reach, but you can always walk around to the other side of the car. You have to anyway to get the side windows.

  9. Ed Samson says:

    Yes, I bought one of these orbital scrapers a couple of years ago and it is the best scraper ever! You get leverage on ice with your hand. The teeth on the bottom break through the ice and the three edges scrape it away. It doesn’t look like much but once you try it you love it. Winter is over now but looking to buy some for stocking stuffers next winter.

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