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This 6″-long clamp holds small, irregularly shaped objects with steel pins rather than flat jaws.  The pins fit in 60 hexagonally spaced holes on the face of the clamp, allowing you to clamp almost any shape as long as it’s smaller than the clamp head.

The 2″-diameter solid aluminum clamp head opens and closes by turning a steel screw.  You can remove the clamp’s hardwood handle if you want to lock the clamp head in a vise.

The universal clamp lists at about $30 over at Micro-Mark, but you’ll also be hit with $9 shipping for domestic orders under $50.

Universal Clamp [Micro-Mark]

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11 Responses to Universal Clamp For Small Objects

  1. Frank Townend says:

    I give up.
    I’ll come back to Toolmonger when you get rid of the auto refresh!!!
    Four times I tried to post today!!!

  2. PutnamEco says:

    Frank Townend Says:
    I give up
    Just leave a browser window open with toolmonger loaded. If we all did this they would soon have larger bill for bandwidth.

  3. Leaf says:

    Firefox has no problems, maybe it is your browser. The screen will flash when it loads a new add, but it doesn’t erase what you are typing.

  4. Joe says:


    I’ve been wondering what all the fuss was about (I’m a Firefox/Kmeleon user)–yeah, it’s a PITA, but I can post. The other thing that bugs me is when you click on “Read the rest of the story” it goes to the first line not shown on the preview page–crafty, but not really useful.

  5. Scott:

    Thanks for the find on Amazon. I did a search, but I must have missed it.

  6. Mike P. says:

    Google “peg clamp” and you’ll find quite a few sellers.

  7. Shopmonger says:

    These are nice and easy when you need to hold some delicate parts

  8. george curtis says:

    harbor freight has it for 12.00

  9. Frank Townend says:

    Thanks for the comments / suggestions. I’m using the latest Firefox. the problem is when I go to another tab. I wrote to Toolmonger, got a nice answer that it will be addressed in January.

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