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When we posted the EasyCoper a while ago, we were disappointed they didn’t make a similar tool for base or other flat molding.  Now that’s changed — recently EasyCoper introduced the BaseCoper, their new jig for coping flat moldings with a hand-held jigsaw.

Made in the USA from glass-filled resin, the BaseCoper allows you to cope moldings up to 6″ wide, although if you shift the BaseCoper opening along the edge of the wood you can cope wider moldings.

Slip-resistant non-marring pads protect the decorative face when you clamp the jig to the molding, and the windowed base of the jig is slightly angled to automatically give you the correct back-cut.

The BaseCoper will run you $15.

BaseCoper [EasyCoper]
BaseCoper [Lee Valley]
BaseCoper [McFeely’s]

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