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Ron’s Home and Hardware is selling the Evolution Rage 2 metal-cutting chop saw for $250.80. It’ll cold-cut steel and other metals cleaner and faster than an abrasive cutoff saw.

Evolution Rage 2 Chop Saw [Ron’s Home and Hardware]
Street Pricing [Google]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Evolution Rage 2 Chop Saw $251

  1. fred says:

    When Toolmonger posted an item about the Evolution saws I commented that I had been using a similar – if not identical to the MK Morse saw.
    At that time MK Morse marketed them as Metal Devils – CSM7 MB @7inch and CSM9MB @9 inch. Morse also sells several different saw blades – one for mild steel, another for stainless and a third for aluminum. I’ve used it to cut mild steel plate – and it works well with a fresh blade. It works even better on roof decking which is thinner and hard to cut easily with any other tool – this saw is good for that application.
    I’ve heard that the secret to it working – is a tooth geometry and material (cermet?) that results in much cooler running.
    I also said that “I’ve used the 9 inch Morse Saw on roof decking (corrugated sheet steel). It has a chip collection chamber (needs to be emptied regularly) – but other than that there are very few sparks flying about and landing on folks beneath the work. This was never the case with abrasive wheel cutting – and nibbling was never a practical option.” And that “ I continue to be impressed using my Morse (aka Evolution Saw). I was a bit worried about life expectancy – based on the warnings in the instruction manual – but I think thay are conservative – or are based on very severe use. I use mine for metal roof decking – not plate steel.”
    I’ve not tried the chop saw variant – as we do most of our in-shop cutting with either our tilting band saw (Armstrong-Blum Marvel) or our Doall.

  2. John says:

    Hey, thank you so much for the write up!

    I just wanted to update your readers to let them know that we’ve dropped the price on the Evolution Rage 2 Chop Saw AGAIN!

    You can now find it for $245.89 using the link above.


    John Thieling
    Ron’s Home And Hardware

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