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I realize that we’ve covered tools designed specifically to melt ice with propane, but this strikes me as one of those cases where one must apply one’s (not so) common sense. While propane may work wonders for melting ice in the middle of a concrete driveway, applying the same tool to a porch might lead to, um, disastrous results.

In this case WBZ channel 38 reports that a guy in New Bedford, CT was clearing ice from his porch with a torch connected to a 20-pound propane cylinder when he managed to light his home’s vinyl siding on fire. “The fire quickly spread into the building’s uninsulated exterior wall and then into the second and third-floor apartments,” WBZ reports. They go on to indicate that it took the efforts of 25 firefighters to put out the blaze.

This is something that always scared me when I lived in an apartment — that one of the other residents would do something like this.

(Thanks, 416style, for the totally unrelated CC-licensed photo.)

Man Burns Home Melting Ice With Blowtorch [WBZ 38]


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