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Here we see our Ridgid twin-tank aluminum air compressor in its native environment — its central position right under the miter saw is no accident.  This compressor is a slightly dusty star of the show, and the shop wouldn’t be able to function correctly without it.

The aluminum 5-gallon twin-stack air compressor is neither overlooked nor underrated in the Toolmonger wood shop.  Much like a finely tuned muscle car, the Ridgid is loud, powerful, and impressive to see in action -– for tool guys anyway.  The 5-gallon tank setup provides enough air to power any tool we’ve hooked up to it, and it doesn’t run all day even though we often do.

It’s much lighter than other units of the same size — but, to be honest, we don’t really move it that much except to empty the valve every week and drain the moisture from the tanks.  Because they’re aluminum, we suspect these tanks won’t rust nearly as quick as steel tanks.

The best feature is the second hose outlet — two of us can run finish nailers at the same time off the same tank without much difference and never run out of air.  It’s a small thing, but it adds up to a bunch more flexibility in the shop.

Though it’s not for everyone, put it on your short list if you’re considering a small twin-stack compressor.

5-Gallon Twin-Stack Compressor [Ridgid]
Street Pricing [Google]


12 Responses to TM’s 2008 Favorites: Ridgid 5-Gallon Twin-Stack Compressor

  1. PeterP says:

    What is the advantage of the twin stack over a pancake style? I’ve been looking at getting a decent compressor, but I have no desire to run 220 to my garage. I’ve even flirted with buying one of the gas powered ones, which seems to push a huge amount of air at the expense of more maintenance…

  2. David H says:

    I can’t seem to find this particular model online. Anybody know where to get it?

  3. fred says:

    Re David H Says:

    If its like a lot of other Ridgid branded tools from Emerson – it may hve been sold exclusively at Home Depot

  4. paganwonder says:

    Keep an eye on Costco, they have killer specials occassionally, and often 110V.

  5. PutnamEco says:

    David H Says:
    I can’t seem to find this particular model online. Anybody know where to get it?


  6. Zathrus says:

    HD was selling the Aluminum twin stacks (both 2.5G and 5G) a year ago for about $50 more than the non-Al versions.

    And fully agree with paganwonder on watching Costco — you’ll have to drop by a store though and look on a regular basis since their in-store selection varies wildly and is generally not visible on their website.

    I once saw a 12″ DeWalt sliding compound mitre saw w/ stand for <$300. Yeah, I still wish I’d bought it.

  7. David H says:

    PutnamEco Says:

    You can’t actually buy anything at that site, and none of the links provided will take you to a site where you can buy it.

  8. PutnamEco says:

    David H Says:
    You can’t actually buy anything at that site,

    I believe they have discontinued that model.
    There is always Ebay.

    If you really have your heart set on buying new (with an aluminum tank), the Maxus EX8016 is very similar.

    If I where you, I would also look into the Makita MAC2400 (oiled) or the Thomas T-2820ST (oil less) Either, IMHO, is a better compressor than the Rigid.

  9. David H says:

    Thanks. I’ll check ’em out.

  10. walt says:

    Costco now offers a clone of this compressor for $100 (made in China, imported from Canada). Its got two aluminum tanks, 4.7 gallon total, with a 2.5 horsepower oil lubed compressor rated at 13 amps. Claims to out 4.2 scf at 90 psi, 125 psi max, weighing 22 pounds but the box it was in felt much heavier. If it wasn’t oil lubed I would take it out for a spin since costo has a 90 day exchange policy, but I do enough painting that I will stick with my old pancake compressor for now

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