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If the Polar Express ever got stuck, they’d have to send this rig to go get it.  There’s just something cool about a snowblower hooked up to a train that makes me want to live further north.

Then again, this choo-choo isn’t for show.  It’s a hardworking train with some serious work ahead of it, and I’m a big sissy when it comes to shoveling snow.  Even with that straight in my mind, I think I’d still get in line to run this thing into a few snow banks.

Serious Snow Removal [YouTube]


One Response to It’s Just Cool: Snowblower Train

  1. jeremiah says:

    That’s not even a modern snowblowmotive. modern ones can chuck snow hundreds of feet and cruise along at 20mph if i recall.

    when i was stationed in anchorage alaska, I recall seeing monster snowblower trucks that cleared runways. a 300ft arc of snow from runway into trees was not an uncommon sight. i’ll never forget it.

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