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You can finish your project in any number of ways — or not at all. More than anything else your imagination and creativity are the name of the game here. In our case a few cans of Mocha brown and Cardinal red spray paint are in this project’s future.

We’re fans of this type of project because it’s simple and because it can be taken much further, made less complicated, or scaled up in size. Whatever your end results or changes in design, just keep in mind that there’s no wrong answer, and the entire goal here is to have a good time building something fun.

Ours didn’t turn out half bad. And for our $15 investment in a few pine boards we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of building — a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

Vibrafree Random Orbit Sander [Craftsman]
Nextec 12V Hammerhead Auto-Hammer [Craftsman]
Drill, Multi-Saw, and Worklight Combo [Craftsman]

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