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Join us as we run down this week’s top five, chat about what we want for Christmas, and hear about Sean’s brother’s awesome new paint-stripper discovery. Remember, if you’ve got a question or comment you can call us at 866-718-9403. (Podcast Download)


2 Responses to Tool Talk #48: Christmas & (Paint) Strippers

  1. _Jon says:

    Guys, that annoying “auto page reload” causes this podcast to restart.
    I know I can download it, but I just wanted to listen without a bunch of headache.

    Please fix that. Remove the auto-reload. Please.

  2. jeff says:

    Just copy the link into your mp3 app of choice (VLC in my case). Oh and I’m pretty sure the auto-refresh is in place for the advertisements. Necessary evil to keep the blog viable perhaps.

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