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Here’s a TM solution to the scarcity of $40,000 incubators in poor nations: build one from car parts. Utilizing the vehicle’s air filter, fan, headlights (for heat), door alarm, and more, a group of scientists at the Global Health Initiative commissioned this model for less than $1,000 — and say a similar low-buck solution could save thousands of lives each year.

Why car parts? The scientists note that they often visit places where incubators are rare but there always seems to be functioning motor transportation — in many cases a Toyota 4Runner. So they contacted nonprofit firm Design That Matters to design the product from just the Toyota parts. The kicker: they believe that the less-complicated junkyard incubators are more likely to survive the rigors of spotty third-world power and maintenance than high-buck models.

They’ve assembled car-part plans for other medical equipment, too, including pumps and a surgical aspirator.

Car Parts Incubator [bookofjoe]


5 Responses to A Neo-Natal Incubator — From Car Parts

  1. Uthor says:

    Don’t look into the light, baby!

  2. BigEdJr says:

    I think this kind of stuff is awesome.

    I do computers for a medical facility. I heard about a group that was working with Microsoft to build/create a training program on the Xbox to teach 3rd world Dr.’s how to use robots in surgeries. The Dr.’s doing the testing had their teenage kids try it and found that the teenagers were faster at learning procedures than most medical students.

    I imagine a future where Dr.’s are able to do surgeries from across the world…that’d be cool. Talk about universal healthcare! Well, let’s not…

  3. paganwonder says:

    This also addresses the major issue of maintenance and replacement parts- the biggest reason sending our fragile, expensive equipment to the less wealthy regions.

  4. paganwonder says:

    is an exercise in futility. Maybe our hospitals need something like this, my nursing staff manage to break every piece of equipment they touch!

  5. rg says:

    It incubates babies, and with the optional snap-in dishwasher safe cooking plates, you can cook delicious fat-free burgers with the world’s largest George Foreman Grille!

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