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(TV Tonight, Friday, December 19th, 2008)  We get a new episode of How It’s Made, with a segment about chocolate!  We love chocolate.

All times are central.

  • Rock Solid: Manufactured Stone Fireplace (DIY, 5:30 pm)
  • How It’s Made: Curling Stones, Refrigerators, Aluminum Baseball Bats, Opalescent Glass (Discovery, 6:00 pm)
  • How Do They Do It?: Electricity, Floating Cranes (Science, 6:00 pm)
  • Ask This Old House (DIY, 6:30 pm)
  • How It’s Made: Levels, Hot Dogs, Abrasive Grains, Sandpaper (Discovery, 6:30 pm)
  • How Do They Do It?: Gasoline Pumps, Swiss Army Knives (Science, 6:30 pm)
  • Cool Tools: Down Under (DIY, 7:00 pm)
  • Cool Tools: Handyman (DIY, 7:30 pm)
  • How It’s Made: Thermometers, Produce Scales, Aircraft Painting, Luxury Chocolates (Science, 8:00 pm) NEW
  • How It’s Made: Induction Cooktops, Truck Scales, TetraPak Containers, Harmonicas (Science, 8:30 pm)
  • How It’s Made: Remix: Green Products (Science, 9:30 pm)
  • How It’s Made: Automatic Transmissions, Silver Miniatures, Hot Air Balloon Baskets, Darts (Discovery, 10:00 pm)
  • How It’s Made: Magnets, Cooked Ham, Sliver-plated Teacups, Crash Test Dummies (Discovery, 10:30 pm)



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