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Some foolish person might scoff at wood filler in a Top Ten list full of tools, but we’ve completed at least a dozen woodworking projects with Elmer’s ProBond filler this year and can honestly state for the record that our projects wouldn’t be the same without it.  The Elmer’s filler has become as much a part of our woodwork as a sander or circular saw.

It’s true, the Elmer’s filler is a tad on the steep side as filler goes, at about a buck per ounce, but the way it sands and stains is really worth the extra cash.  We’ve tried all manner of filler, and we still keep coming back to what we refer to as The Good Stuff.

If you expect filler to act as a magic solution that’ll overcome large problems or cutting mistakes, you’re headed for disaster — however with just a bit of the Elmer’s filler, our wood projects look like we spent some very serious time on them cleaning up seams and making nail holes disappear.

Just remember to pick the color that matches your wood, and sand it down thoroughly after you’ve applied it.

ProBond Wood Filler [Elmer’s]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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  1. Cindy says:

    Cannot find this and we need some in Cherry. I have contacted Elmers and they have not helped me. If you know where I can purchase it please email me.

    Thanks, Cindy

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