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This is either a badass excavator lifting itself up a specially designed tower, or a masterful Photoshop job.  I’m guessing it was a publicity stunt and someone was actually crazy enough to do this — though I can’t imagine wanting to stand around while it perched on top of the tower and balanced on the arm.

I hope this thing was piloted by remote and no one was actually strapped in the thing, especially for that last photo.  Then again, companies have done crazier things in the name of marketing than dangling a multi-ton piece of equipment from its hydraulic arm.

Pumping Iron [Funpic]


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  1. jc says:

    This was on Gizmodo a couple months ago. One of the commenters posted this:

    This was a publicity stunt for Leb Heir hydraulics, showing the strength of their retrofitted system.

    The tower was made for it, as was the quick connect where the bucket is, there was also another quick connect on the body of the excavator that allowed it to anchor to the tower.

  2. jurgenk says:

    I have done some pretty wild things with excavators climbing and descending sidehills logging, but this really takes the cake.


  3. Tim Gaynor says:

    Just one of the many demonstrations of hydraulic superiority and reliability Liebherr is known for through out the construction machinery industry. This example was made for Germany’s spring 2008 Bauma Fair, a construction equipment show held evry 4 years.
    Liebherr’s Corporate Library in Bulle Swtzerland has many more, but this is the best I’ve ever seen myself.

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