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If you’ve got more than a few inches of snow mounded up on your vehicle, forget about removing it with a brush — instead, make short work of the job with the solid face of the Sno Brum.

Tested to be non-abrasive and freeze resistant, the 6″ x 17″ molded polyethylene foam head won’t scratch your vehicle.  The high-impact plastic faceplate never comes in contact with the vehicle because it’s recessed into the foam — and the telescoping aluminum handle threads into the faceplate with cold-resistant nylon threads so it won’t crack in the extreme cold.

To remove the snow from even the largest SUV, the handle extends from 27″ to 46″.  When it’s time to put it away you can simply unscrew the handle from the head for compact storage.

The Sno Brum will run you about $20.

Sno Brum [Angel Guard]
Street Pricing [Google]
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11 Responses to Sno Brum Moves Snow No Matter How You Spell It

  1. Michael W. says:

    Definitely worth the money if you get snow. Used this exact model for two years when I sold new/used cars.
    By pushing the snow away from you, you keep snow free, much easier to do with a “broom” like this then a regular shop broom.
    Most importantly it won’t pick up dirt, gravel, sand, etc. which can scratch your vehicle’s paint.

  2. Bren R. says:

    I use an old hog hair curling brush like this:

    The bristles are soft enough to not damage the paint, has a long handle, is set at the right angle for pushing snow and it’s free, since I have old ones I don’t use anymore.

  3. tooldork says:

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    Mob Urns
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    Bums Nor
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    Snob Rum
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  4. Old Coot says:

    tooldork: I’ve got a lot of unfinished chores and you seem to have way too much time on your hands so we should connect 😉

    Nice job, by the way.

  5. Car Tuning says:

    when i find my car fully covered with snow i usually call for a cab because i’m in a hurry but this Sno Brum seems really useful.

  6. Topgun says:

    I’ve used this thing for years at work too. Works as advertised. Just be careful where you set it down so you don’t crap up the edges with sand, grit, etc. Set it handle down leaning against a wall and you’re all set.

  7. ShopMonger says:

    I run a fleet of cars, and I have atleast a couple of these on hand at all times.
    We use a model called the “Snow Pro”
    They are the best… and if used right it will not damage paint on the car and it can even get through some ice….

    Nothing is better… I will be using it today up here in New Jersey

  8. tooldork says:

    @ oldcoot – Nah, just used an anagram generator from the web. Besides, I’ve got to finish my bathroom remodel this weekend.

  9. KevinB says:

    I’ve been using a swifter for years now, wonder if the inventor of this did as well.

  10. Angelo says:

    I keep this and a brass bladed ice scraper in my car once the leaves start to fall. You really don’t have much need for anything else.

    It would be nice if one of these foam snow blades had one side smaller so you could dig out your windshield wipers.

    Beyond that, well worth the money. They hold up fairly well, too.

  11. Clark F says:

    Personally, I dont like these. Yes they come in handy when youve got alot of snow piled on your vehicle, but we used these all winter at the last shop I worked at for cleaning off vehicles before bringing them in, and I ended up just bringing my own scraper/brush. I never cleaned off a car that didnt also have a layer of ice on it, and these dont work for ice. Waste of time and money in my opinion.

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