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We’ve seen many kids toys modeled after real tools, but a toy welding set has to be the most obscure yet.  Whether you’re a full-time welder or just a hobbyist, if you want to get your kids interested in a skill that’ll serve them well for a lifetime, maybe put this under the tree.

The head of the toy welding torch glows, and the handle vibrates to simulate welding.  Three AA batteries power the torch and are included with the set.  It also comes with a pretend sparker, an industrial-style welding mask, and welder’s gloves.

It should be obvious but we’ll say it anyway: the gloves and mask shouldn’t be used for real welding.  The set also contains small parts that could be a choking hazard for children 3 and under.

You’ll pay about $14 for this set at Sears.

Toy Welding Set [Sears]

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5 Responses to My Little Welder

  1. olderty says:

    Got one of these for a friend’s kid. His dad happens to be an excellent welder.

  2. ShopMonger says:

    This is where toolmongers start

  3. joe rees says:

    My husband and I are welders and when I sae this toy I knew it was a perfect gift for our son… I was right he lives it he is always out in the scrap pile doing his thing love it!!!

  4. Juan perez says:

    Where can I purchase this set for my son who is turning 5 in October? I’m a welder and he always try’s on my welding hood and ask me if I can please buy him one. I’ve seen the ( my first craftsman welding torch set ) but that welding mask isn’t a hood it doesn’t have a head strap i know he would love this one. Please let me know. Thanks

  5. Mayra says:

    Can somebody tell me where I can by one? Thanks

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