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This Task Force 10” miter saw helped me get into woodworking.  Simple to operate and reasonably priced at around $90, this workhorse has graced every wood project in the Toolmonger shop with accurate mitered cuts — it’s great for anyone setting up a shop.

Just un-box the unit, bolt it to a solid surface, and add wood.  The notched angle guide attached to the pivot knob is easy to adjust, and you don’t have to sand or alter the cuts to make your joints fit together even and true.  It also doubles as a small chop saw for straight-cut trim and boards that’ll fit in the saw –- and some that won’t.

It’s not the best saw out there, and it might not last as long as some of the better-put-together units — but for the last two years this tool has seen daily use, and it’s never given any operator the slightest hint of a problem.

We’ll most likely wind up with a more robust saw in the shop, but we can’t bring ourselves to exchange the Task Force for a fancier rig with sliding and compound capability, because it still works for what we need it to do — and we can’t imagine doing without it.

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27 Responses to TM’s 2008 Favorites: Task Force 10″ Miter Saw

  1. ed says:

    this is the third time and still no answer i have the task force 10″miter saw i lost the 6 mm screws for the side cover on the blade can you sell me the screws or tell me where to get them i need 2 but i will buy 4 if possible thanks hope to hear from you

  2. allen gilbert says:

    i have a 10 inch miter saw i need a new trigger and handle to fix my saw where can i buy them al

  3. annette says:

    im with u allen i need a new handle for my10 inch task force compound miter saw but i can’t find where to get one any ideas?

  4. Sean O'Hara says:

    Welp since Task force isn’t a Lowes item anymore you’re going to back to the manufactuer. Somewhere on the saw or in the manual is a number to the folks who made it start there and go to their customer support area and see where they send you. Several compaines made this saw so it’s just a matter of tracking it down that way. It will either be super easy or a nightmare. I wish you the best my friend.

  5. gladys says:

    Guys can you help, I dropped..yes dreopped my dad saw, and the part that glides the blade sheild down broke where can I get another???

  6. L. Woods says:

    Phone # on the saw is 1800/243-5114 We need a part too.

  7. timmy says:

    This thing is a piece of s***, I do not know where the poster or you guys are using the thing, but i have never been even remotely satisfied with it. It takes two hours just to fine tune a miter cut since as you turn the tightening knob, the whole saw moves, or the fact that the back fence parts don’t even line up. Piece of s***

  8. carlos says:

    Where can i get a fence for my 10 in miter saw

  9. I need the safety guard for my 10 ” compound miter saw task force

  10. I went to cut 45 angel with a 32 angel fence did not raise blade hit it and broke it and almost got my fingers a safety issue

  11. Tito B. Lagar II says:

    Good day sir/maam.
    I have my 2hp TM POWER CUT miter saw but his armature is damage. I tried to look for its replacement, but there is non in our area.
    Could you pls. help me?
    I’m in South Cotabato, Phillipines.
    Thank you and more power to TM’s.

  12. Linda Harris says:

    I bought a replacement fence for my Task Force 10″ compound miter saw about 8 years ago, but I wasn’t able to install it. I needed a special tool or superman strength to attach the spring which I wasn’t able to do. I have most of the parts of this great saw. This was my favorite saw until my teenage son used it as a step stool and broke the fence on it. I’m trying to locate a manual, so I can list and sell off the parts. I hope I can help some of you out there.

    • frank berk says:

      i need the lower [plastic] blade guard.
      i also have the manual. i can send u a copy of the parts & parts list, if that would help.

      • Michael Wiseman says:

        I know this is old but if you could send me a parts list and manual too I would be grateful.

  13. I am trying to change the blade on my TAsk Force 10 inch compound miter saw Model M2500W. When I use the blade wrench that came with the unit, I cannot get enough space between the blade nut and the side of the frame to completely loosen the nut and remove the blade. Please advise.

  14. I am stupid. I found the metal blade guard screw that loosens the blade guard and was able to expose the screw that holds the blade on. No need to answer my inquiry.
    My apology to all who read my inquiry.

  15. Dan Roseboom says:

    I need to order a new fence for this saw. How can I order this item?

  16. Joseph says:


    I broke the handle plastic bracket and looking for a replacement part. The phone number is dead 800-243-5114, item 194325, s/n: 068916a

  17. Martin says:

    I need to replace the red plastic part below the blade on my Task force mitre saw.

  18. Paul says:

    I need a laxer for my 10”miter saw #234937

  19. Ron says:

    I have finally needed to use this saw and took out of the box. My question is what is the trick to bring the saw arm up. I there something that was added for shipping that I need to remove?

  20. Frank Langham says:

    Where can I get a blade guard for 10 in CM saw?

  21. Derral martin says:

    I need the metal slide for the plastic blade gard

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