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Chipping ice sucks, there’s no doubt about that, but in this litigious society you can’t afford to just let ice sit on your walkway.  You can melt the ice with liquid or rock salt, but that’s slow, and that extra salt ain’t helping your grass.  You’re left with one choice — turn up the heat — and that’s where the Bare Blaster comes in.

Connect the Bare Blaster to a standard 14oz or 26oz propane tank, and start melting some ice with its flame.  Stand tall as you melt the ice away — the Bare blaster sports a 31″ reach and weighs less than 4lbs including the propane cylinder.  The nickle-plated steel and brass device won’t corrode, and you can adjust the size of the flame for more or less heat.

The Bare Blaster runs about $30, but you’ll have to supply your own propane cylinder — maybe try Strickland Propane.

Bare Blaster [Bare Ground Systems]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

9 Responses to Blast Ice Away

  1. rjerryc says:

    Unless you have a very tiny area to clear, you are going to need a co-signer for the number of propane bottles you will need. If you really want to use a torch to melt away the ice, grab one from HF. They have one that is listed for burning weeds and can attach to your BBQ tank. Just borrow the kids’ wagon to tote the tank along or slide it on the un-melted ice! If you later use it to burn the weeds remember that those big weeds can be pretty flammable – don;t want to take out your wood fence too.

  2. Old Coot says:

    What rjerryc said.

  3. Don says:

    A silly idea for melting ice. Look handy for starting camp fires though.

  4. Don says:

    A silly idea for melting ice. Looks handy for starting camp fires though.

  5. fred says:

    Unlike salt , calcium chloride or prilled urea that depress the freezing point – melting ice requires that the water formed drain away – otherwise it will just refreeze

  6. blore40 says:

    Damn you all for being reasonable! I was so gonna have some fun.

  7. James B says:

    I wonder if one of those fixtured to point at a the blade of a hand held ice chipper would help it get up under the ice better? You would have to watch it didn’t get so hot that it softened the metal. Please have ‘they’ build me one.

    Personally I don’t have anybody (cities or HOAs) forcing me to clear snow and ice, so I just leave it. I’m just planning on resurfacing the driveway when I move.

  8. ambush says:

    I think if I set the feet on my snowblower high enough the auger would chip away at it.

  9. Mat says:

    I really don’t like this for environmental reasons. To me it seems like trying to heat the whole outdoors, wasting increasingly scarce hydrocarbons in the process.

    We actually had huge gas flame snow melting trucks here in Toronto at one point. The idea seems to have been that for city snow cleaning, a snowblower could blow snow into the hopper of the machine which would melt the snow and dump the water down the storm sewers where it would not refreeze and would just run off, rather than the city having to invest in a massive fleet of trucks and the fuel to transport the road snow from the snowblower to various snow dumps. I haven’t seen one of the “fire monster” things for about a decade; I guess the idea was dropped for some reason or other, possibly environmental costs?

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