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The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced a recall of about 900,000 Toro Power Sweep electric blowers sold by various outlets and distributors.  According to the CPSC and Toro, the blower’s impeller, which is a rotating component on the blower, can break, resulting in pieces of plastic flying out of the blower.  Since pieces of the impeller are most likely not what you intended to blow into the neighbor’s yard, you might want to look at the recall notice.

Toro has received 162 reports of broken impellers, including 28 reports of minor cuts and bruises resulting from projected impeller pieces. The recall involves Toro Power Sweep electric blower model 51586 that was manufactured between 2000 and 2002.  The recalled units have serial numbers that range between 000055100 and 220255609.  Toro says there are two decals on the main housing of the blower that might help ID a model in the affected range.  One decal reads “TORO Power Sweep” and the decal on the opposite side of the blower contains the model number and serial number.

You can also identify the recalled units by the black impeller fan, which you can see through the air inlet screen on the bottom of the unit.

Power Sweep Recall Notice [CPSC]


5 Responses to Toro Power Sweep Recall

  1. Ryan says:

    “You can also identify the recalled units by the black impeller fan”, which will be impaled in your neighbor’s dog.

  2. Eric says:

    I love dogs. i have one…. but there are times…and neighbors… that i would have to agree

  3. Bob The Drywall Guy says:

    “impaled” I see what you did there!

  4. Pruitt says:

    And flying plastic is a problem when you point the blower at your face to cool off. Something I’m sure none of us have ever done 😉

  5. Davo says:

    I was in Home Depot, recently, and remember looking at one of these, and thinking: “If you turned one of these upside-down, and then dropped a handful of bbs in there…”

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