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If there’s any justice in the world, the Hitachi DH25DAL will be stripped bare and painted and will appear in the next sci-fi movie as a plasma sub-machine gun.  Also, it produces 2.1-ft/lbs of impact energy, and it drills at speeds up to 17.3in/minute with a 1/2” diameter bit, whatever floats your boat.  I’m going with the machine gun thing.

The compact DH25DAL SDS Plus Li-ion rotary hammer runs off a 25.2V battery that’s 35% lighter than competitive 36V batteries -– mostly because it has two less cells.  Designed to handle anything from anchor drilling to tile removal, it delivers 0-550/0-1,100 RPMs/minute and 0-2,250/0-4,500 beats per minute of spinning/pounding force.  When you take the rest of the specs into account, you’ve got a good start to a new class of power tools.

No firm word on pricing yet, but look for it to sneak in the $500 to $600 range for the tool, a charger, and a few batteries.  And there’s no word on the alien-blasting, plasma-pack technology release, but we remain hopeful for next year.

DH25DAL Rotary Hammer [Hitachi]


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