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Monstronix is selling this Eklind nine-piece folding SAE hex key set for $4 with free shipping.  The keys range from .050″ to 3/16″.  If you’re currently using a cheesy import set, you’ll find that a quality one holds up much better over time.

Hex Key Set [Monstronix]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Eklind 9-Pc. Folding Hex Key Set $4

  1. Holger says:

    Free shipping yes, but on the last page of the checkout they’ll slap a $2 something handling fee. No thanks.

  2. heywood says:

    anyone living in the Seattle area should go to Hardwick’s, as they have this tool for less than $4, and all you have to do is pay sales tax.

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