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Anything that makes finishing drywall easier is worth a look, but the Pocket Hound looks more like an amorphous blob of rubber than a tool.  Diversified Tools claims that each one of the random-looking curves helps you clean, shape, or form drywall mud around bullnose metal.

Not being professional mudders ourselves, we’re not exactly sure what some of the uses they list for the Pocket Hound even mean, so we’ll just reproduce their list here for you to figure out:

  • Cleans, shapes, and forms 3/4″-90° bullnose metal and flex bullnose metal
  • Cleans, shapes, and forms 1-1/2″ bullnose and 135° open angle bullnose metal
  • Cleans kerf and “J” bullnose door metal
  • Shapes and forms large inside corner radiuses
  • Shapes and forms small inside corner radiuses
  • Cleans, shapes, and forms inside square angles, flat surfaces, “L” metal, and regular corner bead

Made in China from a durable elastomer material that returns to its original shape after use, the Pocket Hound works with drywall mud, stucco, concrete, body filler, and more.  It weighs only 3oz and fits easily in your pocket or tool pouch.

A six-pack of Pocket Hounds will cost you $40, but some places sell just one for about $8.

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