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Stanley Proto makes hardcore, uber-practical gear for the pro user.  No exception, this utility cart combines a toolbox and a workstation in a small footprint.

The 46″x39″x23″ cart features a lift lid with a rigid vinyl top that serves as a 900si work surface when closed.  The lid slides back to reveal a two-tier tool storage compartment:  a shallow upper shelf for wrenches and other hand tools, and a deep lower shelf for bulkier items.  A row of slots on the side and at the rear of the compartment can hold long items like screwdrivers, socket extensions, and pry bars.

This great-looking rig offers a lot more flexibility than normal carts or straight toolboxes.  As is often the case with hybrid-type tools, you give up a little on either end — but the versatility might be worth it.

No word on price yet, but if it’s similar to the 440 and 450 Proto lines, pricing’ll run into the several-hundred-dollar range.

Heavy-Duty Tool Cart [Stanley Proto]


5 Responses to Preview: Stanley Proto Tool Cart

  1. kif says:

    It’s neat, but you wouldn’t keep it against a wall and expect to get to things quickly. DIY’ers will keep a box like this against a garage wall where pros might put them in open space between bays. This does not look like a pro size box, and some of the storage doesn’t look like it can be secured. Most pros like everything locked up tight overnight. Even if it’s a cheap tool, it’s unplanned absence can be costly.

  2. WAMAC says:

    This is the exact same cart as the MAC cart you reviewed a few months back.

  3. Sarah says:

    I like the flexibility compared to a normal cart. Something I might add would be a hanging organizer for wrenches – which is what I have now, but would like if it were included on a portable cart like this.

  4. STEVE says:


  5. Alexander Tan says:

    Interested on the tool cart but no pricing and details on how to order this item

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