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Pigeons may be rats with wings, but it’s hard to match the volume of shit produced by a flock of resident geese.  If you live anywhere near a park or other area in their flightpath with short-cropped grass and water nearby, you’ll have experienced the futility of walking without stepping in goose shit — that’s where Irri-Tape comes in.

The holographic iridescent diffraction foil from Bird-X supposedly drives away all kinds of pests including pigeons, crows, seagulls, geese, and even predators.  Tie it to stakes or poles in your yard;  fasten it to your roof or porch;  place it anywhere with light and wind to make it work.

Bird-X claims the 2″-wide, 2mm-thick polyester foil bothers all of a bird’s senses (although we only count two):  Light causes the material to produce constantly changing reflections and shadows, and a light breeze causes the foil to dart around, making a fierce metallic noise.

Irri-Tape will run you $8 to $10 for 25 feet, but you can buy larger quantities, like 500 feet for $150.

Irri-Tape [Bird-X]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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8 Responses to Irri-Tape Is Irritating To Nuisance Birds

  1. Matt Soreco says:

    Where I went to college the campus was overrun with geese. No matter what they tried, nothing worked.

  2. ShopMonger says:

    Again with the “My Splad” stories, but you can also use a fake owl , or just shiny ribbon to get the same effect. Keeps them from crapping all over your boat….

  3. stephen colbert says:

    I am just glad to see the word “SHIT” in the first sentence!! lol

  4. aaron says:

    yeah, i’ve always tried to keep my posts pg-13 at most…

  5. David Bryan says:

    What a fine and useful word it is, and how superior to its effete substitutes.

  6. Zathrus says:

    Note that a fake owl is going to do absolutely nothing to deter a goose that is 3x its size.

    We have a stream in our backyard that leads to a large pond/small lake a few hundred feet later. We don’t have many geese in our yard (thankfully), but we did see a mated pair and their five goslings this past Spring. Within 6 months it became nearly impossible to tell which were the adults and which were the goslings… they grow FAST.

    And yes, we have owls in our back yard. And hawks. And a neighborhood outdoor cat. And very few chipmunks.

  7. Topgun says:

    Does it come in “anti-inlaw” ?

  8. Zorro775 says:

    I would pay $1000 a foot for “anit-inlaw”.

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