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Though a good bow saw comes in handy around the yard and camp, you don’t always want to carry around a full-size version. Irwin makes this little 12″ bow saw that looks like it’d be easy to pack and still useful around camp.  And it also accepts standard hacksaw blades — that’s one useful tool.

The high-frequency welded frame reduces flex so you can cut faster.  A knuckle guard protects your hand, and Irwin’s ProTouch grip gives you more control and keeps your hand comfortable while sawing.  The deep six-inch throat design lets you cut larger diameters, whether it be branches or pipes.

The saw comes with both a steel hacksaw blade and a bow saw blade which cuts in both directions.  You’ll pay something like $9 to $13 for Irwin’s Combi-Saw, which isn’t a bad deal, but if you search Amazon for “bow saw” you can find other companies with similar products for less.

Combi-Saw [Irwin]
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