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Reader Sidney French has organized his shop to near-maximum effectiveness.  He’s stacked and stored the wood next to where he’ll be working with it, and he’s laid out the tools in a very orderly manner.

Sidney also paneled the entire place with ply, so he can hang racks of all kinds anywhere he needs ’em.  We also dig the track lighting pointed at all the workstations.

Best of all, he’s got sawdust on the floor and tunes in the air –- if that doesn’t say ‘active shop’ we don’t know what does.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


6 Responses to Reader Shops: Sidney French’s Shop

  1. Old Coot says:

    I’m envious. Does he leave a key under the mat?

  2. Jim German says:

    He’s got like $5k worth of clamps hanging on the wall there. Thats more impressive than anything else in the shop.

  3. Sidney French says:

    Actually the clamps didn’t cost that much, you just have to keep your eyes open for deals and by them over a period of 3 years, I did. Also I work at the local Lowe’s in the tool department.

    The picture is deceptive, the shop is only 10’X20′, I had to be creative in space usage. The walls are covered in osb instead of plywood, it is a whole lot cheaper.

    Pleasantly surprised to see the comments.

  4. aaron says:

    is that a planer platen acting as an outfeed support for the table saw?

    i also dig what looks to be a very long router table fence.

  5. Sidney French says:

    On the left side is my homemade 50″ long router table. The setup on the tablesaw is only there when I am surface planing lumber due to space constraints. Outfeed for the tablesaw is the oak workbench that I built 4 years ago. If you look at the “Out of the Shop” photo posted in my Flickr photostream you’ll see it a little better.

  6. kdp says:

    As much as I appreciate Gochnour’s museum of a shop, I’d feel more comfortable working in yours – that is unless the Deep Woods Off is there for a reason.

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