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This is a man with his priorities in order.  Reader goblirschrolf doesn’t buy a mini-crane which could make his life easier because, screw that, he can build one.  Then he can break in his homebrew crane by clearing a little bit of timber, as pictured above.

Will you be seeing Goblirschrolf brand cranes at the local big box next year?  Most likely not — but you can see his place all cleaned up because his truck-mounted crane moved literally tons of wood so he didn’t have to.

Now my question is, Did he go all the way?  Is that bad boy motorized or hand-cranked?

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


3 Responses to Homemade Mechanical Advantage

  1. kif says:

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  2. woody says:

    DO NOT HOOK INTO A CABLE WITH A HOOK! Very dangerous practice. Wrap with a chain and hook cable hook to the chain.Work safe.

  3. Schteveo says:

    I know how a hitch works. And I know how crane works. I know how both are built.

    But some ‘idea’ of how he got there, would be ‘sorta’ nice.


    you’re right. Wrap a chain or strap around the jog, then pick up with the cabled hook. Lifting like that will make wear spots on the cable, and weaken it.

    Good eye, I didn’t see it until you pointed it out.

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