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Wood ain’t cheap, especially the exotic varieties, so if you know how to work with veneers, you can make your woodworking budget go much further.   You’ll need a good veneer saw like this one from Two Cherries.

Two Cherries designed their veneer saw with unset “ramp” grind teeth that cut on the pull stroke (rather than “mountain” grind teeth), and they packed in 18 teeth per inch for less tear-out.  By cutting with the offset blade against a straight-edge, you can make accurate 90-degree cuts for perfect joints.  The “oval” blade also lets you start cutting in the middle of the material.

Two Cherries makes their products in Germany and they’re usually expensive, but you can pick up this veneer saw for $14.

Two Cherries [Website]
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  1. fred says:

    This is an alternative to the knife-blade slicers you posted recently from Ulmia – and Peck Tool.

    There is another product from Sauers:

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