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This market research poll on the Ridgid website seems to be a sign of the times — contractors and DIYers alike are so well-connected these days that companies are starting to cater to their mobile gadgets.  The iPhone and other micro-devices with Internet are getting good enough that they can display most websites correctly, but the small screens apparently make for some awkward formatting issues.  I haven’t entered the high-tech world yet and I’m wondering if the situation is as bad as it sounds.

The question then is twofold:  How much tool stuff do you do on a mobile device, and what percentage of your tool stuff isn’t “mobile-friendly?”  Let us know in comments.

Poll Results [Ridgid]


4 Responses to Reader Question: Mobile Devices

  1. Being a heavy mobile user, I have to say that sites created with WordPress and other blogging software (like Toolmonger) work really well with the iPhone and iPod touch devices. I haven’t used a device with mobile Opera lately, but a few years ago it seemed that most site worked well.

    Besides being able to zoom into the main content panel, most sites created with the above software also have RSS feeds which make it easy to use with a mobile device.

    What really gets me going is these all flash sites. Not just because apple refuses to implement flash, but because they are very pretty, but poorly designed for actually finding anything.

    That said, I think mobile devices are only good for when you’re away from a real computer and then only for some light web browsing or maybe for some PDA functions. The screen and the lack of multiple windows (and the lack of cut and paste on apple products) make it really hard to get real work done.

  2. Oh yeah, I also meant to say that my main use of a mobile device is for taking quick notes or bookmarking sites for later when I’m, at a real computer.

  3. PutnamEco says:

    I don’t usually don’t do anything more than email when I’m out and about. It is much nicer to be able to sit at a real display and keyboard for doing anything serious on the web.
    I have on occasion Googled addresses and part numbers on occasion.

    Not a fan of flash either. I don’t install it, and don’t really miss it either. Usually like to surf with javascript disabled too, but will enable it to be able to post to sites like Toolmonger.

  4. cliff says:

    I have a Asus Mypal windows mobile wireless pda that i have been using pretty much constantly for the past 2 years. flash sites are really really hard to navigate, but everything else renders fine, if the web page doesn’t recognize that you are a mobile user, allot of them have /mobile page or a lite version to help you out.

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