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Simple Green now has so many products it’s hard to keep track, but one that may be worth a try is the Brush and Roller Cleaning Gel. Brushes and roller covers never seem to come out like new and it may not usually matter, but getting the stiff out of the bristles or nap is a pain.

Chemicals can do crazy things nowadays and this is worth a shot if it really works — though we have to say, sometimes it’s easier just to chuck the nasty brush and get a better one.

Simple Green [Website]
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3 Responses to Simple Green Paint Cleanup

  1. ShopMonger says:

    This is why God invented Harbour Freight…

    throw away brushes………….

  2. TommyP says:

    I read somewhere to get your rollers or brushes wet with whatever thinner product you will be using. The last time I painted (with water based latex paint) I soaked the roller pretty good with water before I started and it was the cleanest I had ever seen a roller when I finished (having started with a new roller for once).

    I might still try this stuff, Simple Green is usually pretty impressive – and if I recall fairly eco friendly (without the obvious pun of saying Green).

  3. bc says:

    i just use latex paint and high quality brushes and rollers… Dirtex for latex removal.

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