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The fat man in the red suit probably won’t bring me one of these $700+ R.B. Johnson custom knives — I don’t think I’m capable of being the shining beacon who would rank so highly on his Nice list — but a man can dream big if he wants to.

This blade features a handmade custom Wharncliff liner lock by master blade-maker R.B. Johnson of Clearwater, Minnesota.  Johnson pretties up the knife with Mosaic Damascus steel bolsters, 24K gold plate screws, and gold anodized titanium liners, and the spine boasts file work with black lip pearl inlay.  To top it all off, Johnson fashions the handle from rare mammoth ivory.

Basically, it’s a damn sexy looking knife, as are most handmade blades of this caliber.  It would kind of be a shame to pry open a can of thinner with it, which is what most of mine wind up doing on a daily basis.

R.B. Johnson Custom Knives [Website]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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