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If you’ve ever watched MTV’s Cribs, maybe you saw some rock star’s regulation basketball court, or a pool the size of a small house with a waterfall, and thought, “I want that someday.”  For me it would be something like this yard-sized chess set — this style I can get behind.

If you think about it, the giant chess set would be tons less pathetic when you get older than seeing a sixty-year-old rock star trying not to break his hip on a basketball court while proving he’s not too old to stuff it.

Of course, when your wife checkmates you in thirty moves it’s visible from space, and that might be a trifle embarrassing.  But hey — it also gives you more incentive to work on your game.

Yard-Sized Chess Set [Big Chess]


2 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Giant Yard Chess

  1. rjerryc says:

    I used to work for an apartment complex that was knight themed (Knight’s Castle Apts.) and they had a chess set like this – and that was 15 years ago so nothing new here.

  2. melvin says:

    Always wanted a checker board like this, might have to consider making a set of chess pieces to go with it.

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